The Woodwells


Matthew Woodwell, 7th great grandfather of founding principal John Myers, settled in Salem MA after arriving from England between 1650 and 1660. Real estate records show that he aquired land bordering the South River, in August 1660. He was mentioned as a seaman and brickmaker and ultimately died in his home in 1691, having fathered 10 children (one of whom, Elizabeth Woodwell, was an accuser of Giles Cory during the Salem witch trials).

Later generations would go on to occupy positions of leadership in and around New England, commanding brigades during the French and Indan War and Colonial troops during the Revolution, building ships and serving as ship's carpenter on "Old Ironsides".

Woodwell Avenue is a small street in Newburyport MA which teminates near the bay, perhaps near the spot of the Woodwell Shipyards, a builder of well over 100 sailing vessels of between 50 and 300 tons, from 1750 through 1853.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries many Woodwells were active in shipbuilding and sailing and our most famous modern day relative, George M. Woodwell, remains intimately connected to the ecology of the sea through the institution he founded, Woods Hole Research Center

As Woodwell Asset Management, we endeavor to honor the proud history of the Woodwells in America, a family who literally helped build a nation and set it on course toward prosperity.