Our Firm

Broad Range of Investment Choices

Woodwell clients may choose to invest through a traditional advisory account which can hold most types of investments from stocks and bonds to mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), 401k roll overs, IRAs, alternative investments, stock options and more.

Or you can participate in any of our proprietary trend-following ETF models with an objective of preserving values in down markets while realizing growth to the upside...choose from Low volatility, Preservation-Growth or Blend profiles. We also offer our Dividend-Price Value Model, an individual large cap stock selection model designed to outperform the S&P 500 Index by selecting high value index component stocks believed to show above average appreciation potential.


24/7 Online Account Access, Monthly and End of Year Statements plus All "Full Service"Account Features

Accounts are held by National Financial Services division of Fidelity Investments. They provide our clients with 24/7 online account access, produce your statements and complete consolidated end of year tax packages. Assets are protected by SIPC1 and the normal range of account cash management services are available including checkwriting and debit cards. All types of account registrations are available including individual, joint or trust, roll-over, traditional and Roth IRAs, qualified plans margin and corporate account registrations.


Our Goals Align With Yours

One way to help make sure your investment manager has your best interests at heart is to make certain your financial interests are aligned. When you invest through a Woodwell Asset Management Advisory account, our advisory fees are based on the amount of assets in your account...not commissions...so we both benefit when your account grows.


Independent To Serve Only You

As  independent advisors,we have no "parent company" to please or company-sponsored funds to influence our recommendations. We have complete freedom to recommend any investment that is appropriate, without  corporate pressure to invest in one type or provider. Without these restrictions, we are free to focus solely on your interests.




1 Customers can obtain information about SIPC (including the SIPC brochure) by contacting SIPC by phone at (202) 371-8300 or by going to the SIPC website (www.sipc.org)